Meltdown in York


After Durham castle, I took the train to York which was very beautiful as well. I was greatly looking forward to exploring when something strange happened.

In a single week I lost my keyboard, hotmail, Skype, and my ability to charge my ipad.

I had failed to download the latest version of my IOS on my ipad even though I knew it had been sitting there on my “software settings” giving me gentle reminders to download.

I realized I was low on power but whenever I tried to charge my ipad, I would get an error message stating that the “accessory” was unsupported.

When I contacted Apple support using Google Hangouts since I was locked out of Skype.  They said to download the latest IOS.

When I tried that, there was a message stating that I had to have at least 50% power to download the fix.

Catch 22!

Then I went looking for an Apple Store. York didn’t have one.

I was so low on power by now I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fly home if that was necessary to take care of all my technology issues.    Microsoft Security had locked me out of Hotmail and Skype for some bizarre reason which I seemed unable to fix. This made me unable to access my accounts using a borrowed computer. What’s more, you are not allowed to take an uncharged device on a British or American plane. They either confiscate the device or you don’t get to fly.

I found out something about my “basic needs.” While I’m sure I could have dealt okay with much more serious issues, the mere thought of traveling the world without my ipad was enough to cause me foresee an imminent meltdown. The technical issues were just too much for me. It just seemed like the universe was telling me it was time to go.

So next thing I knew, I borrowed the hostel’s computer and booked the next flight to the U.S.

I took the very next train to Kings Cross in London. From there I took the metro to Heathrow, then a cab to a nearby motel and tried to sleep a few hours.

The next morning I took the shuttle to Terminal 3 at Heathrow (I didn’t think any airport could be bigger than Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas, but Heathrow was just mind blowing.)

I checked in through security five hours early to make sure my ipad had enough charge to get through (5%). We made it – hooray!

I shopped the duty free shops for 5 hours when I should have been collapsing in a heap on the floor, but by now I was high on adrenaline.

What seemed about a year later I boarded my American Airlines flight leaving at 3:00 pm and watched every single movie they had during the 10 hour flight to Dallas/Fort Worth (still buzzing on adrenaline I guess.) “I can sleep when I’m dead” seemed to be my new theme song.

Upon arriving at DFW airport (as big as an average city), I rented a car and headed to the nearest airport motel for a few hours of sleep (didn’t get any!)

At daybreak, I started the three hour drive to Austin.

In spite of serious jet lag, it felt absolutely wonderful to be driving again.   I couldn’t get over the feeling of what I can only describe as “openess”.

Once home, while I was able to solve my technology issues, I seemed to have run out of steam.  I had enjoyed good health and vigor throughout my months in Europe but now my body collapsed into several months of illness.  In hindsight, I realized I needed this downtime without the necessity of catching trains and locating accomodations and public transportation.

This was my opportunity to do some serious thinking …